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1992-1997. SYLVESTER (David) - René Magritte. Catalogue raisonné.


René Magritte. Catalogue raisonné.

Tome I. Oil Paintings - 1916-1930. (David Sylvester & Sarah Whitfield).
Tome II. Oil Paintings and Objects - 1931-1948. (David Sylvester & Sarah Whitfield).
Tome III. Oil Paintings, Objects and Bronzes - 1949-1967. (Sarah Whitfield & Michael Raeburn).
Tome IV. Gouaches, Temperas, Watercolours and Papiers Collés - 1918-1967. (Sarah Whitfield & Michael Raeburn)
Tome V. Supplement. (David Sylvester, Sarah Whitfield & Michael Raeburn). Exhibitions Lists. Bibliography (Linette Cawthra). Cumulative Index. 

[Houston] - Anvers, Menil Foundation - Fonds Mercator, 1992 (t. I) -1993 (t. II & III) - 1994 (t. IV) - 1997 (t. V).

Cinq volumes in-4° sous reliures, jaquettes et étuis illustrés d'éditeur, tome I : XXVI, 388 p., tome II : XXVII, 478 p., tome III : XXVII, 496 p., tome IV : XXVI, 356 p., tome V : XXIV, 357 p., nombreuses illustrations en noir, ensemble en très bel état.

Sur la jaquette du tome V :
   The Belgian painter Rene Magritte (1898-1967) was an outstanding figure in the Surrealist movement and is surely one of this century's major artists. Since the 1960s his work has had a massive and continuing influence, not only on art, but on the imagery of popular culture. [...]
   As a whole, the series (I-V) presents an authoritative survey of the artist's œuvre, from 1916 to his death in 1967. The text offers a systematic survey of his oil paintings (I-III), objects (II-III), bronzes (III), gouaches, temperas, watercolours and papiers collés (IV), and Magritte's work as a commercial artist (V). Underpinning the entries on the individual works is a minutely detailed biographical chronology which constitutes a major contribution to the study of Surrealism in Belgium. The books include substantial and often unpublished extracts from Magritte's correspondence and writings, given both in the original French and in English translation. Volume V completes a series widely recognised as indispensable for Magritte scholars and admirers alike.

Les cinq volumes : 450 euros (code de commande : 25256).

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